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Hi there, I'm Margery. Welcome to my site about pest control. Cockroaches, house centipedes and ants all make home life a true disaster upon entering the living space. These creatures can crawl through the food and appear above people trying to sleep in their beds. Many people dislike even thinking about the possibility of pests crawling through the walls or under the floors. I will use this site to talk about how professional pest exterminators control the population of these creatures. I hope you can use the information on my site to keep your home pest-free as well. Thanks for visiting.

3 Reasons To Get Pest Control Services Every Time You Experience A Pest Invasion

11 August 2021
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Pest invasions are at times inevitable, and as a homeowner, you may experience one at some point in life. However, the worst thing you can do is fight a pest invasion alone. Most pests know they are unwanted in a home, which is why they invade it silently and look for areas to hide. So if you don't involve someone who understands their behaviors, you may use the wrong methods and try to eliminate them in vain. Read More …

Termite Control Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

10 June 2021
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Termites are persistent pests that can cause extensive damage to your home if left unchecked. They're often underestimated because they fly under the radar and don't make any noise. But termites are one of the most damaging pests in the United States. To help you keep your home safe from termite infestation, here are some ways to do that. Regularly Inspect Your Home Inspect your home for signs of termites annually and have an inspector check in places that are difficult to see, like the attic, walls, and basement. Read More …

Skunk In Your Yard? What You Need To Do

5 April 2021
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Skunks are pests you don't want in your yard or around anything that belongs to you, especially one of your animals, such as a dog. Dogs are very curious and will more than likely get way too close to a skunk, only to be sprayed. Their spray can be very potent, with the odors lasting a long time. Getting the smell out of your pet's fur or off of your own self can be a chore. Read More …

Understanding Termite Baiting

18 November 2020
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Termites can be a major risk for your home. Fortunately, termite bait systems provide a means of protection. What Is a Bait Station? A termite bait station is an alternative to traditional whole-house termite treatment. A bait is placed outside, typically around the perimeter of your home, for the termites. If there is a colony nearby, they will take the bait back to the rest of the colony. The idea is to destroy nearby termites before they infest your home or other structure. Read More …

Bed Bugs And Traveling: What You Should Know To Protect Yourself

21 May 2020
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A fear of bed bugs shouldn't prevent you from traveling and doing what you want to do. Bed bugs can be found anywhere, but it doesn't mean they are everywhere. Just because you stayed at a hotel doesn't mean you are going to end up bringing bed bugs back home with you in your suitcase. You should be aware of what to look for in hotel rooms, and how to protect yourself against bed bugs to actually prevent this from happening to you. Read More …