Here's What To Know About Swarmer Termite Control

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Here's What To Know About Swarmer Termite Control

20 September 2021
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Swarmer termites are a nuisance that can cause serious damage to your home and wooden furniture as time goes on. Luckily, you can rely on swarmer termite control to ensure that your home never gets overrun with these pests. Here is what you should know about swarmer termite control:

What Makes Swarmer Termites Unique

Unlike the standard termite that most homeowners know about, swarmer termites have wings and can fly. This type of termite is responsible for reproducing and starting new colonies of worker termites. Swarmer termites are not responsible for home and property damage, but the worker termites they reproduce are. Therefore, they should never be allowed to fester within or even outside anywhere near the vicinity of your home.

Otherwise, they could find new places within the walls of your house, in the basement or attic, and even within structures like playhouses and workshops outside. Because they can fly, these little pests are not limited to certain areas. Once a termite infestation begins, it can grow quickly if it is not addressed.

The Swarmer Termite Season

Swarmer termites do not venture out to create new colonies or reproduce all year long. They typically stay in their colony nests throughout the winter and then start emerging when the weather starts to warm up. These pests commonly come out to do their jobs on warm days after it rains. They will continue to work through the spring and summer seasons, then start to slow down and get ready for holding up in the nest during the winter.

When to Call a Pest Control Company

It is a good idea to have a pest control company come in and treat your home for swarmer termites as the spring season starts to minimize the chance that they become a nuisance as the summer months progress. Your service provider should also be called any time you spot signs of a termite infestation. Getting rid of the swarming termites alone is not good enough, because the worker termites will stay behind and do destruction to your home that you are trying to avoid.

Therefore, you should keep an eye out for all signs of termite infestations no matter the type of termite. These signs include tiny wings laying on the ground, drooping drywall, peeling paint, loosened tiles, and wood that looks damaged with no obvious cause. If you notice one or more signs of a termite infestation, your pest control service provider can inspect your home and verify whether there actually is a termite presence.