Should You Seek Termite Control Service After Seeing Swarmers?

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Should You Seek Termite Control Service After Seeing Swarmers?

17 November 2022
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Have you been noticing discarded termite wings while cleaning the house or near the windowsills or doors? The chances are that you have termite swarmers in the house or in the yard.  These types of termites aid in breeding and constructing new colonies, so their presence should never be ignored. While they won't cause harm like worker termites, they're a clear sign you might have a termite infestation issue soon. So, consider talking with a local termite control professional as quickly as possible.

This post will share more information about termite swarmers, so read on to learn more before consulting with professionals.

Reasons for Swarming

The primary reason termites swarm to another location is to start other colonies. Usually, a mature termite settlement will produce alate nymphs, which form the swarmers. If the settlement conditions aren't suitable, these termites will fly out. Once their wings fall off, they'll pair up and look for an ideal spot to start reproducing.

Females in the pair become queens, and their job is to lay as many eggs as possible so they can become workers. Other termites grow into soldiers who will look after the other members of the colony. In the queen's lifespan, millions of eggs are laid to keep growing the settlement.

When Does the Swarming Process Occur?

Swarmers are picky when it comes to deciding when to move out of a colony. They only go when the conditions are right. For instance, if their home has developed and attained its optimal capacity, they'll begin to fly out in thousands. 

This process often occurs once annually in spring months, particularly after it rains heavily. The period may vary depending on the type of termites. So, when you find swarmers have shed their wings, they'll have probably decided to form a new home on your property.

Does Killing These Termites Fix the Issue?

If you don't know how termites work, you might assume that eliminating the swarmers will end the issue. This isn't the case. These pesky pests don't consume cellulose and cause property damage. But, the offspring become workers in a new settlement and will wreak havoc in the building when left unchecked.

So, once you see swarmers or spot their wings around the house or in the yard, consider contacting termite control services in your area. They'll perform an inspection to confirm the presence of termites. After the assessment, they'll recommend the best treatment or share protection measures to keep the destructive pests away.