Ridding Your Home Of Unwanted Flies

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Ridding Your Home Of Unwanted Flies

12 August 2022
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If you have had flies buzzing around inside of your home, you likely want to find a way to have them leave the premises as soon as possible. There are several steps you can take to eradicate a fly infestation.

Keep On Top Of Garbage Removal

Flies are attracted to food remnants, grease, and other waste that you throw away in your trash receptacles daily. To aid in eliminating flies from within your home, it is imperative you remove trash from your house regularly. If you keep scraps of food to place inside of a compost pile, consider taking them directly to the pile rather than placing them inside of a container. Spray the interiors of clean garbage bags with a bug pesticide whenever you swap them out with used bags. This will help to keep flies from congregating around your trash collection areas.

Hang Fly Traps In Areas Flies Are Noticed

If there are particular areas inside of your home where flies tend to frequent more than others, they are prime spots for traps to be hung. Glue traps are long pieces of tape with a sticky surface on each side. Each one has a hook at one end so you can hang it up on a curtain rod, nail, or similar piece of hardware. Do not get too close to this type of trap yourself as it is difficult to remove from hair. Flies are attracted to the scent of the glue on the traps and will not be able to dislodge themselves from it if they happen to land upon a trap.

Find Spots Where Flies Are Gaining Entry

Check over each of your windows and doors for spots where flies may be sliding through cracks to get inside your home. If you use screens, look at them in detail for rips or holes and mend them with a repair kit to stop the passageway of pests from continuing. 

Contact A Pest Control Service

If you do not have success in ridding your home of flies on your home, a pest control service can do the job for you. A worker will check over the inside of your home and help you discover areas where flies are gaining entry. They will also point out spots where flies are laying eggs, if applicable. They will then use a professional-grade agent to kill flies swiftly. 

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