What To Know About Mosquito Insecticides And Sprayers

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What To Know About Mosquito Insecticides And Sprayers

26 April 2022
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Do you spend a lot of time outdoors at your home, but you hate all of the mosquitoes that are on your property? It will help to know these tips that will get rid of the mosquitoes from your yard by having the right tools for the job.  

Select The Right Product

There are going to be several types of products that you can purchase as a way to get rid of the mosquitoes. There are bottles of mosquito insecticide that are a spray bottle you attach to your hose. While these contain the same active ingredients as professional mosquito insecticide products, know that it is going to be at a much lower concentration because it is already. 

What you want to look for is the insecticide that comes in a large container that you have to dilute with water, with the active ingredient being bifenthrin. This is going to be much cheaper per ounce when it comes to what you pay for the active ingredient, but doesn't have the convenience of coming with the sprayer that attaches to your hose. You will need to purchase a sprayer to apply the insecticide. 

Select The Right Sprayer

There are several different types of sprayer that you can use to apply the insecticide to your lawn. A gas powered backpack blower is going to be the high end version of a sprayer, and it is what a pest control company typically uses when they spray your home for mosquitoes. It creates a mist, allows you to get the insecticide into trees that are hard to reach, and make the application process a breeze.

A gas powered backpack blower is expensive, but it can pay for itself when you consider how often you need to apply the insecticide and how many years of use you get out of it. If you do not want to spend the money, you can get a smaller battery powered sprayer that will get the job done for a cheaper price, but you may find yourself running out of battery power as you are spraying down a very large yard.

For those on a budget, you can get a hand pump sprayer. It involves pumping the can as you go to create pressure to apply the insecticide. It makes it a bit harder to get the job done, but it has a low upfront cost.

These are just a few tips on making sure you have the right equipment to apply a mosquito insecticide. Reach out to a professional if you need help applying it to your lawn. Look into mosquito control for more information.