Call For Mouse Pest Control When You First Suspect You Have Mice So The Pests Don't Destroy Your Home

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Call For Mouse Pest Control When You First Suspect You Have Mice So The Pests Don't Destroy Your Home

9 March 2022
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If you see a mouse or two run across the floor while you're watching television late at night, you may want to call a mouse pest control company to see if you have a hidden infestation and to recommend a way to get rid of the mice.

Mice are sneaky and prefer to stay hidden during the day when there is activity in your house. You could have an infestation in your attic, between the walls, or in your basement and not realize it until you suddenly have a lot of mice. Here are ideas for dealing with a mouse infestation you can try along with help from a pest control professional.

Seal Mouse Holes

You'll need to seal the holes in the side of your house or on your roof that are letting mice in. However, you may want to ask your mouse pest control professional about the right timing. If you seal the holes too early, you might block the mice inside, and that could make their indoor activity more intense as they search for food.

You may need to eradicate most of the mice first and then seal your house. Sealing is important so mice won't get back inside after you've cleared them from your house.

Put Food In Containers That Seal

The mice may search your home for things to eat or they may go outside to eat and return to their nests in your house. Mice might even eat other mice if they can't find food, and dead mouse bodies contribute to the foul odor mice make in your home.

It's good to keep food in your pantry in sealed containers because that keeps other pests out too. Sealed containers block food odors that entice mice. Plus, your food will be protected if mice get in your cabinets. Also, be careful about leaving food on the table or counter overnight. Cookies, fruit, and other food that doesn't need refrigeration should be covered if possible so they don't attract pests.

Hire A Mouse Pest Control Professional

The best way to eliminate mice is to hire a mouse pest control professional to put out traps. Using traps made for mice is important since mice are too tiny to trip big rat traps. Plus, putting out several traps at once is a good approach so you can eliminate an infestation quicker.

An exterminator can handle the details of setting the traps, placing them in the right places, and replacing them with new traps when mice are caught. Since mice are known to spread a few serious diseases, you may want to decontaminate your house once the mice have all been eliminated.