Finding Entry Points Mice Use To Get Inside Of Your Home

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Finding Entry Points Mice Use To Get Inside Of Your Home

6 December 2021
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If you have heard sounds within your walls or have found mouse droppings upon your floors or countertops, you likely are concerned about the presence of mice inside of your home. Since these rodents are known carriers of bacteria and diseases, it is important to try to eliminate them from within your structure as soon as possible. Here are some tips to help you locate and seal entry points mice use to access your home's interior.

Check The Exterior For Signs Of Wear

Evaluate the entire perimeter of your home for signs of damage to your siding. If you find a piece of siding that has pulled away from your home, or if you see cracks or holes present, repair work will need to be conducted to completely seal off the interior properly. Smaller holes or cracks can be temporarily patched by stuffing pieces of wool inside of them or by applying caulk to fill the voids.

Assess Your Rooftop For Signs Of Damage

While mice usually use lower areas of your home to get to the inside, they have been known to crawl to upper tiers if there are no readily available entryways seen near the ground. If you hear mice above your ceiling, or if you are aware of roofing material damage, it is best to contact a professional roofer to take a look at your structure in detail. Replace deteriorating or missing shingles and patch any wood damage to keep rodents on the exterior of your abode.

Check Wood Before Bringing It Inside

Mice harbor themselves in between or inside wood logs that are stacked outdoors for fireplace usage. If you have a woodpile, it is extremely important to check over any pieces you intend to bring inside of your home before doing so. You may not only bring inside rodents but also insects. Inspect each piece of wood you are bringing inside and give them a quick tap upon the ground to dislodge any pests that may be hiding within.

Use Traps To Help Discover Hiding Areas

Inside of your home, place mouse traps in spots where you have previously noticed droppings or gnaw marks left behind by mice. If mice are indeed in the nearby areas where traps are set, these devices will aid in minimizing the mouse population within your home. Be sure to remove carcasses promptly and reset traps afterward to continue to do their jobs as needed.

For more information about rodent control services, reach out to a local pest control professional.