How To Keep Mosquitoes From Ruining Your Outdoor Event

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How To Keep Mosquitoes From Ruining Your Outdoor Event

12 December 2019
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If you're planning an outdoor event such as a wedding, reception, or pool party, you might be concerned about mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can ruin outdoor fun because no one like to be bitten or bombarded by the pests, especially considering the diseases associated with mosquito bites. Here are some ways to keep mosquitoes from making your guests miserable and ruining your event.

Have Your Yard Sprayed

Call a mosquito control service a few weeks before your event to schedule an appointment for one-time spraying. Even if you have regular mosquito treatments, you'll probably want an additional treatment right before your event, or you may want to reschedule your regular treatment to coincide with your outdoor gathering. The mosquito control service will probably spray your yard a few days before you host the event, so advanced planning is necessary to ensure the best protection from pests. 

The service sprays the perimeter of your yard or the area where your event will be held and sprays shady areas where mosquitoes like to hide. The spray clings to plant leaves and doesn't wash off when it rains. Your guests won't notice any odd odors or be exposed to chemicals since the spray will be dry before your guests arrive.

Be Careful With Flowers For Decor

If you're planning to decorate your outdoor space with flowers for the occasion, talk to a florist first about the best flowers to choose. If your event is a wedding, the bride may want specific flowers. However, if you have options, choose flowers that don't attract mosquitoes with their sweet smell. Instead, consider plants like lavender and rosemary that might help repel the insects.

Clean Your Yard In Advance

You'll want a tidy and neatly mowed yard for your event, so when you prepare the yard, it's a good time to get rid of anything that can hold water. Even something small like a saucer under a plant pot can allow mosquitoes to breed. By eliminating breeding areas days before the event, you might keep down the number of mosquitoes swarming the area during your fun occasion.

Provide Herbal Mosquito Repellents

When you invite guests to your event, be sure to mention they will be outdoors. Guests may choose to bring their own mosquito repellent and wear clothing that covers their legs and arms if they know there is a risk of mosquitoes. You can also provide herbal bracelet repellents or wipes for guests to use. While these may not be as powerful as DEET, they are an option many people may appreciate since the herbal products don't contain harmful chemicals. If your yard has been sprayed, the pests should be at a minimum, but you can never have too much protection against mosquitoes.

Speak to a member of a mosquito control service like Carroll Exterminating Company about how to control mosquitos.