Why Death Is The Only True Rodent Control

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Why Death Is The Only True Rodent Control

5 January 2019
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Rodents are obnoxious pests that spread disease and carry dangerous bacteria that can kill humans. When rodents invade your home, it means that they are unafraid of the humans living in it, and they will become bolder and more populous with each new generation. That is a greater and greater danger to you, your family, and even your pets if the rodents are overly large and many. Here are some more reasons why the best rodent control is death.

Rodent Litters

​Mice can have up to fifteen litters of babies every year. At a minimum, each of those litters has three babies, with as many as fifteen babies. If you have one female pregnant mouse enter your home, and it has a litter of eight babies, those babies go on to propagate exponentially at a rate of every few weeks once they reach adulthood in just a matter of a few months. 

As for rats, those numbers are significantly worse. A rat can have up to twelve young in a litter, but up to seventeen litters in a year. If you get one breeding pair of rats in your home, you will have a major rat problem within six months or less. Killing the mice and rats as soon as you are aware of their presence prevents the rodent population explosion.

Death Can Be Quick and Easy

​Killing rodents is often quick and easy. Baited traps snap necks. Poison kills them in seconds, and often out of your sight so that you do not see them die or find their corpses in unexpected places. In comparison to how long it typically takes to kill other pests (i.e., ants, roaches, etc.), killing rodents is much quicker and easier because you do not have to wait for the chosen method to work on killing the rest of the pests in the home.

​Once Dead, They Cannot Increase Their Numbers

​Once you eradicate the rats and mice in your home, they cannot mate or reproduce. No further offspring of the rodents that were in your home are likely because they are all dead. Remaining baited traps and poison can be left out in the event that other mice try to come into the house from outdoors. Ergo, killing the mice and rats you have leads to continued prevention of the future rodents that might try to enter your home and cause future problems.

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