3 Easy Strategies For Achieving A More Pest-Free Home

Are you worried about controlling pest infestations in your home? Learn tips for working with professional pest control specialists.

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3 Easy Strategies For Achieving A More Pest-Free Home

26 June 2018
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The presence of insects, mice, rats, and other vermin in the home is a problem that most homeowners will face at least once during their ownership. In some areas and climates, infestations can be even more of a threat. Since any infestation can cause discomfort for the home's occupants, as well as damage to the home, finding a way to discourage the interest of vermin and insects can be an important component in keeping the home healthy, comfortable and free of pests. 

Remove attractants on a daily basis

Insects, mice, and rats are drawn to places where they can find food to support them and their offspring. Homeowners may be shocked to discover that even the presence of small crumbs from breakfast toast or bits of leftover pet kibble can make your home much more attractive to unwanted pests. Establishing a simple daily habit of wiping spills from surfaces, sweeping up crumbs, and removing leftover dog kibble are easy ways to make your home less inviting to the pests. 

Keep lawns closely trimmed 

Ticks, chiggers, and many other types of insects are able to flourish when grass and vegetation is not cut regularly. Taller, denser vegetation provides these insects better cover to hide from birds and other insects that would help to control them, as well as helping to provide the moisture need for them to thrive. Mowing the grass more frequently during the summer can help to prevent insects from using it for cover and hydration, as well as help to reduce their ability to reproduce. 

Seal access points 

Insects and vermin require an access point into your home before any infestation can occur. Homeowners who want to avoid becoming infested with these pests should work to seal off these possible access points by addressing the following:

  • repairing any existing holes or rips in window screens 
  • replacing damaged or missing rubber strips on the bottom of home entry and garage doors
  • sealing or caulking any excess space around vents, pipes, and wires that extend through the exterior walls of the homes
  • placing hardware cloth over vents and openings in attics and crawlspaces 

It is also important to remember that unwanted pests often hitch a ride into your home on pets, in the seams of boxes and bags, or inside previously owned clothing, furnishings, and other items. Applying flea and tick treatments regularly to pets and using care to carefully examine packaging and other items before bringing them into the home can be helpful in limiting this type of pest infiltration. 

Annual or bi-annual pest inspections are another excellent strategy homeowners can employ to help keep their homes free of unwanted pests. A local, reputable exterminator can help you understand which pests are most troublesome in your area and how to thwart them before they can infest your home. To learn more, contact Jones Bros Capitol City Pest