Could You Live With Bed Bugs? You Decide

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Could You Live With Bed Bugs? You Decide

29 April 2018
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Bed bugs are those nasty, disgusting bloodsuckers that live within, on, and around your mattress and turn you into their personal banquet hall at night. As gross as this is, and as much as you want bed bug control services to eradicate them, you could, technically, live with them. There are split thinking camps on this matter, so to help you take affirmative action either way, here is the 411 on this irritating insect.

According to the CDC, Bed Bugs Do Not Spread Disease

Surprisingly, out of all of the biting, bloodsucking insects there are, bed bugs do not spread any sort of known diseases. They are the most disease-free bloodsucking insect on the planet. So, while they are quite a nuisance, they cannot give you any disease that could make you ill or kill you, nor do they transmit diseases between hosts.

You Can Contract a Secondary Skin Infection from the Bites of the Bugs

While this has nothing to do with the bugs directly, you can get enough bites that you scratch like crazy to relieve the itching. Since dirt and bacteria live underneath your nails, that gets into open wounds caused by incessant scratching, and then you end up developing a secondary skin infection. Not surprisingly, the skin infection does not stop these insects from biting you in the same places that they were previously biting.

Bed Bugs Multiply Very Quickly

So far, you could probably live with a couple of bed bugs, if you could tolerate their itchy bites. However, bed bugs multiply quickly. In the course of a year, you could go from six bugs to six hundred bugs, depending on the number of mating pairs and the number of eggs laid by each female (up to sixty eggs each time). So, by the end of the first year, if you have not sought out professional bed bug extermination, you could have bugs crawling all over you every night, biting every inch of you where there is a blood vessel close to the surface of your skin.

At this point, you may finally decide to get rid of the bugs. Hopefully, none of the bugs have migrated to other bedrooms in your house, because the above numbers only apply to a single infested bed. Other colonies of bed bugs in other bedrooms can double, triple, or even quadruple your problem. If you have children, then you may even have problems with social services stepping in. Ergo, it is best to exterminate the bugs while you only see a few crawling around.

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