How To Tell If You Have Bed Bugs

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How To Tell If You Have Bed Bugs

11 April 2018
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If you wake up in the morning with small, itchy bites on your body, this could be a sign that you have bed bugs in your home. The bites that bed bugs leave are typically in groups and are found on the face, feet, hands, and neck. To identify them, you need to do a thorough bed bug inspection. If you have bed bugs in your home, you will experience these little bites, but there are other signs that you could look for that can also help you determine if you have bed bugs in your home.

Look for signs on your sheets

There are two main signs that you can look for on your bed sheets that will help you determine if you have bed bugs in your home. The first sign is blood. If you have dark-colored sheets, this will be hard to spot, but it will be easy to see if you have white sheets. If you look at your sheets and find blood on them, it can indicate that you have bed bugs. The blood that you see can squirt out of a bed bug if you roll over and squash one while you are sleeping. These small bugs are full of blood; however, bed bugs are small, which means they do not carry a lot of blood with them. There is enough blood in a bed bug that it would leave a stain if you squashed one while sleeping though.

The other sign you should look for on your bed sheets is bed bug poop. Bed bug poop is basically digested blood, and it appears black in color. It looks very similar to marker ink, and you should scan your sheets and mattresses for any black spots as they will indicate that you have bed bugs present.

Get a bed bug inspection

If you have bed bug bites but cannot find any signs on your beds, and if you cannot see these small bugs, the best thing you can do is get a bed bug inspection. Pest control companies can locate bed bugs very easily, and they can also treat them for you. If you have bed bugs in your home, it can be very difficult to eliminate them yourself. Bed bugs are very small and are great at hiding. If you want to eliminate the problem completely, you will need to hire a pest control company to handle this task for you. Contact a pest control company today if you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home.