Three Things You Can Do To Treat A Small Bed Bug Problem

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Three Things You Can Do To Treat A Small Bed Bug Problem

26 January 2018
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If you have a bed bug problem that is in its early stage, you may be able to kill them with a comprehensive approach. If the infestation is in more than one place of your home or it is spread away from a single area of a room such as a bed, you will need a pest control technician. However, you can try the following if you think the problem may be a small one.

Wash the linens and your clothes

Bed bugs don't live far from people. Like mosquitoes, that feed off of our blood. Some of them may be in your sheets and blankets. Their eggs may be there as well. You need to wash everything. Keep in mind that the washing is not as effective as the drying. Bed bugs can't tolerate heat, and the temperatures of a typical dryer will kill them. For this reason, you can simply throw your pillows in the dryer.

Apply heat to the mattress and box springs

You need to kill bed bugs that may be in the creases of your mattress or hidden in the bed frame. For health reasons, you should avoid using pesticides on your bed. Because heat is such a powerful weapon against bed bugs, a hot hair dryer is one of your most powerful weapons. Heat will kill the bugs and their eggs. You may not see any bugs, but they may still be there. Look for tiny black specks. This is their feces. Make sure you apply the heat from the blow dryer on every inch of the mattress and bed frame and make sure you let the surface feel the full temperature of the hot air. Take your time and make sure you get those tiny crevices and seams. 

Use a bed bug spray

There are off-the-shelf sprays available, but you should be careful using. There are two places they are useful. The first is your carpet. Any carpeting underneath, around and near your bed can be sprayed. After the spray has dried, you can then use a vacuum over the surface. But there is a chance that some bugs may not be dead. So you need to throw away the vacuum bag immediately. You can also use the spray on the ceiling, especially if you have a popcorn surface. You should use a step stool, so most of the spray will be applied to the ceiling's surface.

Keep in mind that what is mentioned above is likely to be effective in the beginning days of an infestation. Just because you have only seen a couple of bed bugs doesn't mean your problem is a small one. Bed bugs can hide quite well. If you continue to have problems, you should call a professional pest control company like Arab Termite and Pest Control for a more robust treatment.