Prevent Birds From Getting Into Your Garden

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Prevent Birds From Getting Into Your Garden

24 August 2017
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Gardens are the best place for pests to get themselves a good meal. Insects, furry pests, and even birds can get a great meal out of your garden — the one you planted to feed your own family. You're probably like most people and don't really want to share your garden goodies with the neighborhood pests, most of which can carry disease, especially birds. See below for tips on how to prevent birds from getting into your garden.

Install Garden Netting

Install garden netting around plants in your garden that are getting eaten by birds, such as berry plants, cherries, tomatoes, or grapes. You can wrap the netting around the plant itself, or you can suspend the netting over the top of your garden. The netting should be held tightly over the top of your garden and can be secured using zip ties or twine. Attach the ends to fencing, your house, a porch,or another structure nearby.

Use Sound

Invest in a sound machine to keep birds at bay. You can find one that broadcasts bird deterrent sounds that mimic distress calls or calls that a predator are nearby to scare off birds and keep them away from your home.

Set Out Decoys

Decoys that look like hawks or owls can keep some birds away from your home. These are predator birds and will scare other birds away from your garden or your house. Place the decoys near your garden (or anywhere else you want to keep birds away from), and move them around from time to time to prevent the birds from getting used to the decoys.

Other Deterrents

Other types of visual deterrents such as a ball covered with red predator eyes can scare away birds. Flashy tape that reflects light from the sun can also scare birds away as well. Be sure to move these deterrents around just like the decoys to prevent the birds from getting used to them. 

Birds can damage your garden by eating up all of your fruits and vegetables. They can build nests all around your home (under covered porches or in outdoor light fixtures), damage outdoor areas, furniture or vehicles with their droppings, and can just be a pain to have to deal with. Call a professional pest control specialist from a company like BLUNDERBIRD BIRD DETERRENT to get rid of these pests humanely, whether they're in your garden, or just around your home causing a big headache for you and your family.