Dealing With Mice? Learn How To Remove Them From Your Home

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Dealing With Mice? Learn How To Remove Them From Your Home

23 June 2017
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Have you recently spotted a few mouse droppings or even a live mouse in your home? If so, you may be understandably upset. These animals can carry diseases around with them and they are known for both urinating in the home while they run around, along with chewing on any kind of food they can find in your home. If you are frustrated and would like to get rid of them as quickly as possible, there are a number of things you can do to get the pest control process started.

Seal Up the Holes

Inspect your home for holes and then seal them up. There may be holes around the living room, kitchen and possibly even the bathroom area. If there are even the smallest holes in these rooms, it is possible the mice are making their way inside your home through the walls and into the holes. Once you find the holes, use caulk or another type of sealant to keep the mice from making their way through.

Use Peppermint Oil

Did you know mice are not the biggest fans of peppermint oil? The scent is strong to them and it throws them off from being able to find their family members who often leave traces of their own scent behind. If you use peppermint oil in each room of your home, it could deter the mice from coming back in the first place. Simply purchase the oil, soak a few cotton balls and then spread them all around the home. When the scent dies out, simply repeat the process.

Get an Exterminator

If you continue to have trouble after sealing up holes and using peppermint oil, you may need to get help from an exterminator. There is a chance that you may have missed a few holes or that the mice are coming in from other parts of the home that you were unable to check thoroughly. The exterminator would be able to inspect the property to look for holes and other signs of infestation spots. Once he or she completes the inspection, the exterminator would be able to put traps in certain place in an attempt to capture the mice and remove them from your home with ease.

Most homeowners do not like the idea of having mice living in their home. If you would like to do something about the problem sooner instead of later, make sure to check for holes and use peppermint oil because it often helps. In addition to completing some of the pest control steps on your own, do not forget to contact an exterminator, like JD Termite & Pest Control Company, who can help you out even more.