How To Rid Your Property Of Outdoor Ants

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How To Rid Your Property Of Outdoor Ants

2 April 2017
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Ants play an important role in the ecosystem by helping organic material decompose. However, depending on the conditions outdoors, you may have such a serious ant problem that you will need to do something to get it under control. Otherwise, the ants can be a hassle when having a picnic outdoors or when they make their way into your home.

Use Insecticides

The best way to kill off ants outdoors is with non-repellent insecticides. Repellent insecticides cause ants to scatter and will cause them to form new colonies. This will make it more difficult to eliminate the ant problem. The non-repellent insecticides cannot be smelled by ants. As a result, the ants will not simply try to wander around the insecticides. The ants crawl through and ingest the poisoned material spread around your home. They then carry the poisoned material back to the ant hive where other ants ingest the material and are poisoned. 

The type of pesticide you use should be designed specifically for the ant species you are having a problem with. For example, if you have a large number of fire ants, it is important to find a pesticide designed specifically for them. Otherwise, the ants might be resistant to your pest control efforts.

Make Your Property Less Desirable For Ants

Remove all logs and stumps from your property. These are where a lot of ants reside. Also, look for any sources of water around the home. While it is unrealistic to eliminate all sources of moisture around the home, minimizing the number of water sources will make your yard less attractive to ants. Clean your gutters to eliminate leaves, which can attract ants, and which also cause water to pool near your home. Also, do not leave garbage outside long enough to attract ants or other pests. 

Destroy Anthills

If you discover an anthill, a common remedy is to pour boiling water on the anthill. However, it can take a lot of water to kill an anthill and the boiling water will kill grass and any other plants nearby. A more effective strategy is to apply insecticides directly to the anthill. 

Call A Specialist

The best way to control ants outside is to contact an ant control specialist for additional info. Ant control specialists will be able to use insecticides that are effective against various other types of pests that you may be suffering from in your yard, such as mosquitoes and ticks.