Ways To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites From Your Home

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Ways To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites From Your Home

19 September 2022
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The effects of having termites on your property can be very devastating. These pests will ruin your wooden structures if you fail to get rid of them early. Luckily, the techniques listed here should help keep termites away. So don't hesitate to employ them whenever you see termites near your home.

Unleash Nematodes

Since experts have advised against using termiticides, you might want to take the nematode approach. It's friendly to the environment and won't affect you or your family. These parasitic worms are available in specialty stores. You just need to spray them in areas where you have spotted termite activity and in the termite nests. The nematodes will seek out the termites until they destroy the colony.

Take Advantage of the Sun

Termites can't thrive in heat or dry places. That's why they prefer nesting in moist spots. So, if you notice termite attacks on your furniture or firewood, take them outside to bake in the sun for some time. Spread the firewood so that the sun shines on the termites directly. You'll be surprised by how fast the termites will scatter. Also, the unlucky ones will die from the excess heat from the sun.

Use Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne paper has also been effective when it comes to eliminating termite infestations. You can use it to kill or ward off dry-wood termites. Cayenne pepper contains Capsaicin, a chemical that kills termites by dehydrating them. That said, you can mix cayenne pepper with water and spray it around your home to keep the termites away. You can also sprinkle the mixture in areas with termite activity to reduce their population.

Take Preventative Measures

You can apply all the above techniques, but the termites will continue to bother you if you fail to take preventative measures. For starters, ensure the termites have nothing to feed on and nowhere to hide. You only need to store your firewood properly and treat them if necessary. Also, ensure you solve any water damage in your home swiftly since termites like nesting in wet areas.

Hire a Termite Control Service

If getting rid of termites becomes challenging, you can invite a professional termite control service to assist you. These pros have the knowledge and skills to kill termites. They'll conduct an inspection to identify where the termites are nesting. 

Additionally, they'll want to know the extent of damage to your structures. Once they establish this, they'll know whether to use heat or chemical treatment. The bottom line is these experts will solve your problem once and for all. 

Reach out to a termite control service near you to learn more.