Why Spiders Are Suddenly A Problem In Your Home And How To Get Rid Of Them

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Why Spiders Are Suddenly A Problem In Your Home And How To Get Rid Of Them

20 July 2019
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If it seems like spiders are suddenly everywhere, you may need to call a pest control company to help get them under control. Spiders are usually reclusive pests that you rarely see because they stay hidden. When their numbers multiply, you may start seeing them daily as they rush along a floor or startle you when you open a cabinet. Here are some possible reasons you have a spider problem and ways to get rid of the pests.

Why Spiders Invade Your House

Spiders enter your home for the same reasons as ordinary insect pests. They're looking for shelter, warmth, moisture, and food. If you have insects in your home, then you'll probably have spiders that like to eat them too. Once spiders get inside and get comfortable, it won't be long until the females start laying eggs and multiply. If you have things around the outside of your house that attract spiders, like a woodpile, there will be more spiders outside, so more will be likely to get inside. When conditions are just right, and there are few predators to keep spider numbers under control, the spider population inside and outside your house can grow.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders

You may never totally eliminate the spiders in your home, but you can reduce their numbers so you no longer see them. First, clear things away from your house that provide hiding places for spiders. An exterminator can help you identify changes to make so the exterior of your house is less inviting to the pests. Also, caulk gaps around your windows and exterior walls so spiders can't slip through them and get inside. It's also good to clear up clutter inside your house as that creates a haven for spiders, since they can hide in fabric creases, shoes, and crumpled papers. Not all spiders spin webs, so you want to clean up things that make easy homes for them.

Spiders can be difficult to kill with DIY pesticides because the spiders can avoid getting it on their bodies due to their long legs. However, your pest control company might suggest setting up glue traps, especially in places spiders like to live that are dark and quiet for long periods of time, such as an attic or basement. The exterminator will probably spray pesticides along the baseboards and in cracks where spiders may come and go in hopes some will get on the body of the spider as they squeeze through holes and cracks. In addition, a perimeter spray will probably be applied as a protective barrier around your home. Plus, pesticides kill off other bugs that the spiders use for food. If you can get rid of ants and roaches in your house, spiders will run out of a food source. The spiders may eat other spiders to help eliminate the population or just leave in search of an easier place to find food.