Is Your Ant Problem Piling Up? Use These Tips To Get Pests Under Control

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Is Your Ant Problem Piling Up? Use These Tips To Get Pests Under Control

20 October 2017
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Ants are one type of pest that can do far more than ruin a picnic. Not only do ants get into your food, but they can also cause painful bites that are a serious issue for people with allergies. Unfortunately, ant problems tend to escalate, as these insects tend to also move indoors. For this reason, you must prioritize ant control by using these strategies to eliminate an infestation:

Identify and Eliminate Entry Points

The discovery of ants in your house means that an outdoor infestation has begun to spread. While you can exterminate the ones inside, you can expect more to arrive if you do not close off their entrances. Follow the trail back to where it came from. Often, you will find that a window, door or wall needs to be sealed. Repair any small holes or cracks around your house to stop the ants from coming inside. This is also an effective method of pest control that stops other critters from getting indoors.

Clean Up Potential Attractants

Ants tend to invade properties out of the need for food and water. Check both indoors and outdoors for potential attractants and take steps to clean them up. For instance, you may need to sweep out food crumbs from your kitchen floor and pantry shelves. Outside, you may need to repair water leaks and put away pet food that the ants are using to stay alive. You should also know that ants leave pheromones that attract other ants to their trail, so clean along any obvious trails with detergent to remove the scent.

Exterminate Outdoor Ant Beds

People tend to call for an exterminator once they notice pests inside. However, you should be aware that removing ants from outdoor areas is one of the most effective ways to address indoor infestations. Make sure to arrange for professional pest control services at the first sign of ants in your yard. This helps to reduce the ant population so that it is less likely to expand to the inside of your house. Once you have fully addressed the ant problem, make sure to create a pest service schedule that keeps your house ant-free.

There is nothing more frustrating than realizing that an ant problem is beginning to take over every part of your property. While these insects are known for being hard to control, the truth is that taking a multi-step approach reduces their populations. Keep your property pest-free by focusing on maintaining both the outdoor and indoor areas where ants tend to thrive.

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